The first thing you should know about land before buying (3 min read)

Many people, especially those who are about to make their first land transaction get confused when it comes to asking the right questions.

In some cases, intending buyers ask questions like “where is the place?”, “Is the place far?”, “Is the land safe?”

I’ve even had an encounter with someone who asked for the longitude and latitude of the land.


While these questions are not out of place and arise as a result of people trying to be careful so that they don’t make a financial commitment they would later regret, wouldn’t it be better if they knew the right questions to ask?


That brings us to the first question anyone intending to buy land should ask which is “what is the status of the land?”


See, before you buy land in Nigeria, the first thing you should know is the status of the land. This is very important


Knowing the status of the land you are about to buy can save you a lot of money and unnecessary hassles.

Imagine buying a piece of land and erecting a building on it, just for the government to come one day and earmark it for demolition some years after, with claims that your building is illegal because it is sitting on government property.


All these can be prevented if you know the status of the land you are buying before sealing the transaction.


Credit: LandsandHouses